Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

The feet are the map for the body, any problem in the body are reflected in and through the feet, and can be healed through the same foot massage.

One experiences the following benefits from foot massage

  • Decreases level of anxiety
  • Enhances quality of sleep
  • Creating good level of energy

One is sure to experience a better lighter and relaxed foot after going through the entire process of foot massage.

For a true Nim Thai Style ™ Therapeutic Massage experience, choose DEEP TISSUE strength and you’ll notice and feel the difference.

35 mins 60 mins 95 mins 120 mins
$40 $70 $110 $140
35 mins 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins
$40 $70 $90 $120

(After 10pm by booking only. Late charge will apply. Booking which extend past 10pm will incur an extra charge.)
(Strictly not a sexual service)

Call Surry Hills Clinic : 9358 2934

Call Kings Cross Clinic : 9356 2907

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